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Greenville dog needs help with journey through cancer

by: Alayna VerduynCourtney Layton Posted: Jul 6, 2022 / 05:21 PM ED

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Ten years ago, a local dog was rescued in the woods in Northwest Greenville. Now, her owner is turning to the community for support to save her pup from cancer.

The Magic Bullet Fund is an organization dedicated to gathering support for pets with cancer all over the country. The most recent dog in need comes from Greenville.

A timid girl with a big heart, Taeda was rescued by Jennifer Burnham after months of trying to earn her trust. Now, the 12-year-old dog has a mass on her hind leg only months after Jennifer’s cat suffered from kidney disease, leaving her with limited financial resources.

With the help of her vet, Jennifer was able to connect with the Magic Bullet Fund, which is leading the charge to fund $894 for Taeda’s surgery.

“It was really kind of heartbreaking because it was right on top of Ghost, my cat’s illness, and I just didn’t have anything, and it just crushed me that I might not be able to help her when she really needed it,” said Burnham.

So far, Jennifer and Taeda are halfway to their goal they must reach by August 2. The Magic Bullet Fund was founded in 2005 and has fundraised for over 800 pets with cancer that have no other options.

To read more about Taeda and to support her journey, visit magicbulletfund.org.