Express your sympathies and help another pet fight cancer. We will send your clients a Rainbow letter to notify them. If sending memorial donations for several clients, type in the total donation amount and list of clients to split it between. (at least $10 each)

(Click to send online, or print a form to mail us with a check.)

Tina Baran, Clinic Manager, says… “Dear Magic Bullet Fund: When a pet in our care reaches the end of the road, that is the hardest part of the job. Making a donation in tribute helps – especially now that I have found the Magic Bullet Fund! Through donations to Magic Bullet Fund, our clients know that we are remembering their beloved pet and sharing in their sadness, while also giving another family more time with their pet.”

  • Click to send collections to us online. You can use PayPal, or any major credit card.
  • To mail a check, see the bottom of any page on this website for the mailing address.

When a clinic sends collections, we will respond by sending you a new supply of Cat Cancer / Dog Cancer wristbands, and fliers for the donation box.

Tails of the City in Seattle WA says: 

“We charge clients $1.00 per minute late fee and all monies go to the Magic Bullet Fund! This makes waiting for late owners a little easier!”

Don’t have a donation box? We’ll send you one! Click the link and send us your name, the clinic name, and clinic phone number.

The box will come with fliers to give your clients who need our help, and  a supply of “Cat Cancer / Dog Cancer” wristbands.

This form must be filled in by a clinic employee, not by the pet’s owner.

Click to fill in and submit form online, after your client has submitted an application. The form will ask you to upload the estimate and diagnostic report if you have not already sent them to us.

You information will help our Review Panel make a determination as to whether or not we can offer assistance for this pet’s cancer treatment.

You watch clients agonize over treatment decisions due to financial constraints 

You want to help your client try to save their pet. 

What can you do when your clients cannot afford treatment fees?

Tell them to apply to Magic Bullet Fund! With our help, you may be able to provide treatment even when the family doesn’t have funds.

How do you say .. Your Dog Has Cancer?


“An excellent resource for veterinarians to have available for pet owners and an excellent book for staff members who are uninformed about cancer treatment.”


 “The benefit of this book is not so much in the specific medical details, but in the support and guidance it provides in navigating the complicated and stressful world of cancer treatment.”

DogWorld Magazine

“This compassionate and heartfelt book should be one of the first books the owner of a cancer dog turns to. It will doubtless help that person feel less overwhelmed and more able to navigate the many options available.”

Best Friends Magazine  (Interview)

How do you say .. I'm sorry for your loss?


“This book should be required reading for all veterinary technician students… Clients will surely benefit from a copy surreptitiously tucked in among the pets returned belongings or cremains.”

San Francisco Chronicle:

“Kaplan offers sound and compassionate advice to help guardians navigate this painful journey from start to finish.”

Midwest Book Reviews

“Losing  a pet can be a daunting thing. [This book] is a helpful guide to coping with both the impending death of a beloved pet and dealing with these tragedies… Laurie Kaplan provides a shoulder for pet loves to cry on and cope with, making [this book] a solidly recommended piece.”

Dog Cancer / Cat Cancer wristbands

Your clients will love these!

Pack of 25: $25.00