Mission Statement

Magic Bullet Fund helps people who have made room in their homes and hearts for a feline or canine companion, but do not have the financial resources to provide cancer treatment. As of 2023, Magic Bullet Fund has helped 885 pets and their families in need of assistance.

Magic Bullet Fund provides assistance when a family is unable to pay for treatment and the pet would not be able to have treatment without our assistance; and when we can reasonably believe that the treatment will add significant quality life for the pet. 

“During my dog Bullet’s chemotherapy treatments, I met many people who had a pet with cancer, loved their pet, but could not afford to pay for cancer treatments. This was heartbreaking!

I founded the Magic Bullet Fund to help these people and give their pets a chance to survive cancer.

Without the truly amazing volunteers below, Magic Bullet Fund would not be able to remain open!”

Laurie Kaplan, Founder & Director

In 1992, I adopted an 18-month-old Siberian Husky named Bullet at the SPCA. He was the love of my life, the dog of my dreams. We especially enjoyed winter weekends in northern New York, dogsledding.

True to the breed, Bullet was willful and ornery, smart and demanding. His objective in life was to escape and run free. I fell completely in love!

In 2000, at 9 years old, Bullet was diagnosed with lymphoma. He survived 4+ years past his diagnosis. He had chemotherapy and I developed a home care regimen for him, including a special cancer diet. His chemo vet took hikes with us and sent all of his new clients to me for consults, to help them care for their dogs fighting cancer.

On November 20, 2004, at almost 14 years old, my Magic Bullet went to the Rainbow Bridge. I lost him to old age; the cancer never returned.

I wrote the book “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer” to help others who have a dog with cancer and to share the story of Bullet’s odyssey. After such a long remission from lymphoma and a 2-year survival with cardiomyopathy,  Bullet’s veterinarians called him “the Magic Bullet.” When I opened the fund, I named it the Magic Bullet Fund, in honor of my little boy.

Bullet was one shining moment that graced my life for 12 years, 2 months and a day. Bullet’s legacy is the Magic Bullet Fund, providing financial assistance to people who have a dog or cat with cancer but can’t afford treatment costs.

Laurie grew up in NY. She graduated from Ripon College, WI, with a BS in English Lit. She studied Animal Pathobiology at University CT and worked as a veterinary assistant. Laurie published many educational videos and films for classroom use, and freelance instructional and POP corporate videos, and then specialized in writing magazine articles focused on medical issues for dogs and cats. 

Laurie lives in New York with husband Mike, Siberian husky Rip and Pitbull-Shepherd mix Puck. When not running the fund or writing books, Laurie enjoys tennis, Bridge, hiking, gardening and jigsaw puzzles.

MSC (Masters of Science, Counseling)

Member, Dog Writers Association of America

Member, Cat Writers Assciation of America

Former Editor, Catnip Newsmagazine, Tufts Vet School

Co-founder, Volunteer program SPCA Westchester NY

Author: Help Your Dog Fight Cancer:
Empowerment for dog owners

Author: So Easy to Love, So Hard to Lose:
Bridge to healing before & after the loss of a pet

Consultations for pets with cancer and for Pet Loss

A Tribute to the Original Magic Bullet

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Dawn Gerard, Assistant to Director

Dawn is a California girl with a degree in Management Information Systems from California State University Northridge. She is highly skilled in website development and computer technology. Dawn has worked for prestigious firms, including Rocketdyne and Heery International. She currently works as a freelance website developer for small companies.

Dawn is a passionate animal lover. She has been a tireless volunteer for many pet rescues and animal advocacy organizations over the years. Now, the Magic Bullet Fund is blessed to have Dawn apply her passion and skills to helping Laurie run the Magic Bullet Fund.

Most of the Magic Bullet Fund’s volunteers are people who did receive assistance for their pets fighting cancer. Dawn’s beautiful Golden Retriever, Rusty, came into the Fund for assistance fighting lymphoma in January 2020. In February, Dawn became a volunteer for the Fund, and in October 2021, she became the Assistant to the Director.

Dawn’s deep love of animals, combined with her office management and technical expertise, make her a perfect fit for the Magic Bullet Fund, and we are very lucky to have her!


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