State Registrations

Magic Bullet Fund is registered as a nonprofit 501C3 organization in all of the states that require nonprofits to be registered.

If your state is listed, go to the website of the department listed below, and “search for charities.” Type in Magic Bullet Fund Inc.

If your state is NOT listed, then we are not required to register.

AK Dept of Law

Al Atty Gen

AR Sec of State

CA Dept of Justice

CO Sec of State

CT Dept Consumer Protection

DC Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Fl Atty Gen and Consumer Services

GA Sec of State

HI Atty Gen

IL Atty Gen

KS Sec of State

KY Atty Gen

MA Atty Gen

MD Sec of State

ME Dept Professional Financial Reg.

MI Atty Gen

MN Atty Gen

MS Sec of State

NC Sec of State

ND Sec of State

NH Atty Gen Dept of Justice

NJ Atty Gen Consumer Protection

NM Atty Gen

NY Atty Gen

OH Atty Gen

OK Sec of State

OR Atty Gen

PA Dept of State

RI Dept Business

SC Regulation Sec of State

TN Sec of State

UT Charities Dept

WA Sec of State

VA Charitable Regulatory Programs

WI Financial Institutions

WV Sec of State