Squishy on KGW-TV


Heather Pinckard’s cat, Squishy, is like most pet cats. He’s happy, playful and fun. But an unexpected medical issue changed the course of Squishy’s life. “He started scratching at his ear a lot and we didn’t understand why,” said Pinckard. “We took him to the vet. They do the biopsy and I get the message, it’s adenocarcinoma.” Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer that forms in the glands that lines organs. Squishy’s medical bills for her adenocarcinoma will cost nearly $6,000. She has a chance at a longer life thanks to the Magic Bullet Fund. The fund will pay for half of the bill, with the rest raised by those who see the listing and want to help. Pinckard said she hopes for the best future together with Squishy. “I want him to live so long. He deserves that,” she said. More info about the Magic Bullet Fund: https://themagicbulletfund.org/

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