Sheba Najee in the News

Barstow dog fighting cancer

By Davina Fisher / For the Desert Dispatch, Posted Oct 24, 2017 at 9:58 AM

BARSTOW — Azumah Najee has 30 days to raise funds to help his dog Sheba get medical treatment.

The Magic Bullet Foundation — a nonprofit dedicated to providing financial assistance for dogs fighting cancer — is collecting donations on behalf of the 7-year-old German shepherd to remove a cancerous tumor. Prior to Sheba’s diagnosis, Azumah says she was throwing up her food and being less active.

“The lump that is on her back is very uncomfortable for her — she will pick at it,” said Azumah. “I make every effort to monitor her and do all I can for her to make her comfortable until I am able to get her the treatment she needs to make her better.”

According to the Magic Bullet Foundation, half of the 65 million pets in the U.S. have cancer.

“Although I do not believe there has been an increase in cancer in dogs, over the past 20 years there has indisputably been a tremendous increase in cancer diagnosis in dogs,” Magic Bullet founder and author of the book “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer: Empowerment for Dog Owners” Laurie Kaplan said.

One potential cause for the canine cancer phenomenon is the use of flea and tick collars.

A 2009 research paper “Poison on Pets II: Toxic Chemicals in Flea and Tick Collars,” put out by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that “Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on products designed to kill fleas and ticks on household pets, especially dogs and cats. While some of these products are safe, others leave harmful chemical residues on our pets’ fur and in our homes. These chemicals are highly hazardous to animals and humans, can damage the brain and nervous system, and cause cancer.”

The paper goes on to state that these toxic residues remain on the fur for weeks — children are particularly susceptible to exposure since many children will put their hands in their mouths after playing with a pet.

Once a pet has developed a cancerous tumor or other form of cancer, the average cost of treatment is between $6,000 and $10,000, according to Pet Care RX.

The Magic Bullet Foundation has raised money for 500 families to help their dog receive cancer treatment with a $50,000 grant from the Petco Foundation and community support.

To​ ​help​ ​Sheba​ ​get​ ​treatment​, ​donations can be ​submitted online at​; ​or made​ ​by​ ​mail​ ​to Magic​ ​Bullet​ ​Fund,​ ​P.O.​ Box​ 2574,​ ​Briarcliff​, NY​ 10510​. Donations​ ​are​ ​tax​ ​deductible.​ ​


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