Magic Bullet Fund helps give new life to dogs

By: Jenny Hansson Posted: Jul 23, 2018 06:02 AM PDT

Shelayne Sharp’s 9-year-old terrier, Tiger, earned his name as a puppy. For 10 days, Tiger fought a battle with canine parvovirus.
“He was on the brink and then he started eating again,” Shelayne said. “He pulled through it. I think it’s because he was a chubby little puppy.”

Tiger remained healthy until several months ago when Shelayne noticed something on Tiger’s back. She thought it was a scab — a side effect from plenty of trips to the park. They put ointment on it, but decided to take the terrier to the veterinarian. They found out it was cancer, and Shelayne said she didn’t have the money to pay for surgery.
“We were crying we were so upset,” Shelayne said. “It was devastating.”
That’s where the Magic Bullet Fund entered. Laurie Kaplan started it. She named it after her dog, Bullet, who survived his own bout with cancer. The website’s main goal is to help pay for treatment for dogs diagnosed with cancer who have a good chance of post-surgery survival.
“They put his little story there on the web page and we would check if he would get donations coming in,” Shelayne said. “And after a couple of weeks it went beyond the amount he needed.”
Tiger had his surgery Friday and it was a success. The extra money raised for him will go into a general fund to help other dogs and other owners, looking to save their best friend.
There’s a 30-day window to raise the funds for the dogs.
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