Millie Emory Bequeathal

In about 2010, after a book signing at Borders in New York City, I packed up my supplies and prepared to drive back to the suburbs. Exhausted. The second printing of “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer” had been released, and I was doing my best to promote it.

Before I reached the door, a woman took me by the arm and sat me down at a table. Millie Emory and I talked for about an hour. We talked about Magic Bullet Fund, how it was started, how works, and about the 100 dogs we had helped up to that point. We talked about Millie’s various pets and her personal experience as the owner of a dog with cancer.

Millie used a cane, but seemed lively and full of energy. Her eyes lit up and sparkled when she spoke about her pets. They became moist and full of tears when she talked about the end of a pets’ life. She was engaging and held my attention – she clearly was a highly bonded pet owner.

Millie called me on the phone occasionally over the next few years. She needed the EIN number and more information about the Magic Bullet Fund, because she was going to leave a bequeathal in her will. Many people have said that they are going to do this. I honestly don’t keep track of whether those people have passed or not, but no bequeathals had come to us… yet.

But in July 2017, we received a check in the mail from the estate of Millie Emory, in excess of $23,000. The Magic Bullet Fund has now helped 590 dogs through cancer treatment. We have helped 590 owners or families and given them peace of mind. Because, regardless of the outcome of their dog’s treatment, these owners can say “I helped my dog fight cancer.”

Millie’s generous donation will help us continue to help families that have a dog with cancer but cannot afford to pay for medical treatment.

Thank you, Millie Emory!