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Be Furractive! Dogster July 2018

Did you know there are different organizations that offer financial assistance to pet owners who can’t afford veterinary treatment as well as nonprofits that offer low cost spay and neuter services, vaccines and wellness checks, and even pet-food pantries if you have a hard time feeding your pets? Today’s pet parents are fortunate to have so many different options – you just have do some research and know where to look.

Magic Bullet Fund
One organization that offers finan­cial assistance for dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer is the Magic Bullet Fund, which was created by Laurie Kaplan in 2005. One year to the date after her dog, Bullet, a beautiful Husky passed away, Laurie took on her first finan­cial assistance case. The nonprofit organization helps pet parents who

cannot afford to pay for their dog’s cancer treatments. Owners must go through an application process and provide financials showing they need the assistance, veterinary records and so forth.
The Magic Bullet Fund takes on each dog case by case. Once the owner fills out an application, it usually takes a week or two to get approved for financial assistance if

they qualify. If approved, the owner is assigned a case manager from the Magic Bullet Fund, who works directly with the veterinarian for each dog’s case, making the payments fo:­ their care or even requesting that the dog gets a second opinion from another veterinarian for the best course of treatment.
To date, the Magic Bullet Fund has helped 611 dogs, which is quite amazing in my book.
The organization is comprised of 25 volunteers located throughout the United States. and Laurie says she is always looking for volun­teers to help with the cause…