HOMI loves Magic Bullet Fund

Homi is a Mexican Street Dog. He had TVT cancer, but Magic Bullet Fund paid for his chemotherapy, and he survived for years!

Magic Bullet Fund Helps 900 Families and their Dogs and Cats with Cancer

Magic Bullet Fund was founded in 2004 by Laurie Kaplan, whose dog Bullet survived lymphoma. She wanted to help people who had a pet with cancer but could not afford treatment fees. And she has! The fund has now helped a whopping 900 pets through cancer treatment. Bullet was diagnosed with lymphoma on July 17, […]

News Release: Assistance for Dogs and Cats with Cancer

11/1/2023 Yorktown Heights NY 10598 Magic Bullet Fund: Help for Cats and Dogs with Cancer There are about 90 million pet dogs and 94 million pet cats in the US. It’s estimated that half will have cancer. Pet owners are devoted and think of their pets as family members. Even so, too many are unaware […]