We help people who have a pet with cancer but can't afford treatment fees

Give pets a chance to beat cancer!

MMagic Bullet Fund has helped 875 pets fight cancer! We don’t fundraise for any other purpose. We help cats and dogs fight cancer.

BBe sure the pets you help have a good chance of survival and owners really are financially strapped. We pre-qualify every pet for you.

FFunds you donate are tax deductible! We are a 501C3 nonprofit. Others are not nonprofit  and your donations are not tax deductible.

The original "Magic Bullet"

3/15/1991 ~ 11/20/2005

Cats & Dogs who need donations today

Which is easiest to remember?

Which is easiest to remember?

MBF stands for...

Magic Bullet Fund

My Best Friend!

More Ways to Help the Dogs & Cats

Help the dogs & cats in the fund when you shop for your own dogs & cats!
Select Magic Bullet Fund as your favorite charity.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Magic Bullet Fund! Celebrate your birthday, honor a special friend or your vet, or just because!

Corporate Matching

DOUBLE the impact of your donations! Ask your company if they match charitable donations. If so, fill in their form! If not, they can sign up at Benevity or Brightfunds.