News Release: Assistance for Dogs and Cats with Cancer

11/1/2023 Yorktown Heights NY 10598

Magic Bullet Fund: Help for Cats and Dogs with Cancer

There are about 90 million pet dogs and 94 million pet cats in the US. It’s estimated that half will have cancer. Pet owners are devoted and think of their pets as family members. Even so, too many are unaware of the high incidence of pet cancer and treatment options available.

Magic Bullet Fund is a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to people who have a pet with cancer but cannot afford treatment costs. Magic Bullet Fund will work with a pet’s owner and veterinarian, anywhere in the U.S., to see that pet through cancer treatment.

Laurie Kaplan founded Magic Bullet Fund to help pets with cancer in 2005. Kaplan says, “The Fund does not contribute to cancer research or to finding a cure. Rather, it enables real life pets to have cancer treatment, who would otherwise not be able to have treatment at all.”

When Laurie’s 9-year-old Siberian husky (Bullet) was diagnosed with lymphoma, Laurie’s experience as a medical animal writer gave her a head start for her new mission: To fight Bullet’s cancer and give him a chance to survive. While Laurie waged war against Bullet’s cancer, she wrote the book “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer.” This book is an essential resource for those fighting pet cancer. Laurie donates proceeds to the Fund.

Laurie established Magic Bullet Fund to help those who could not afford the astronomical cost of treatment. The fund has helped almost 900 cats and dogs through cancer treatment!  

On November 20, 2004, Bullet went to the fabled “Rainbow Bridge,” where our beloved pets go when they leave us. He was nearly 14 and cancer free, with 4+ years in remission from lymphoma. His medical team called him: “The Magic Bullet.”

Magic Bullet Fund operates through individual donations and bequeathals, and corporate or foundation grants. Veterinarians help by offering discounts and collecting donations in the fund’s donation boxes.

APPLY for assistance online (website below)

DONATE online at website below, or by check to PO Box 149, Yorktown Heights NY, 10598.

Magic Bullet Fund Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit, EIN #82-2082952. Donations are tax deductible.

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