Magic Bullet Fund has closed

If your cat or dog has cancer and you can’t afford treatment, you are not alone. Many people are in this same situation. Magic Bullet Fund gets a lot of applications and we have to make very hard decisions. We would like to help all of the families who apply, but we cannot.

We provide assistance for surgery or chemotherapy only. The fund operates only in the U.S. We do not raise funds for experimental treatment or clinical trials. We cannot help for diagnostics.

The fund does not provide assistance for other conditions, for treatment that has already been done, cancer treatment after the first course of treatment has failed, palliative care, or euthanasia.

We process applications as quickly as possible. Generally, there is a one to two week waiting time after we have received your application and documents requested. The waiting time often depends on our ability to collect information from your clinic.

This fund does not give grants. We raise donations for each pet in the fund. Owners participate, they help us raise donations. For those who want to simply receive money, please apply instead to organizations that give grants.

We cannot assist for emergencies. 
For emergency treatments or when funds are needed within 2 weeks, Magic Bullet Fund cannot help. Apply to other organizations

We do NOT offer assistance for:

  • Hemangiosarcoma, unless it is cutaneous hemangiosarcoma.
  • Chemo for osteosarcoma in a limb. We can help for amputation but not for chemotherapy.
  • Radiation: We help for surgery or chemotherapy only.
  • Relapsed lymphoma (if a pet was in remission and came out of remission).
  • Mammary cancer: If a female pet is 4 years or older and has not been spayed we cannot help.

We work with any clinic

We can work with whatever clinic you are going to. If you need help finding a clinic for your pet’s cancer treatment, let us know. 

All of these things must be true

  • YOU are the pet’s primary caretaker and owner and the person who pays for the pet’s medical care and you are the person applying for help.
  • A veterinarian has diagnosed your pet with cancer (we DO accept applications when a mass must be removed whether it is cancerous or not, or when it cannot be diagnosed without surgery).
  • Your pet has been seen by the vet who will provide cancer treatment. They provided a diagnosis and a treatment estimate.
  • You have given that vet permission to speak to Magic Bullet Fund about your pet.

Age/weight limits for dogs

  • Dogs up to 40 pounds must be 14 or younger

  • Dogs 40 – 80 pounds must be 12 or younger

  • Dogs 80-100 pounds must be 10 or younger

  • Dogs 100+ pounds must be 9 or younger

Age/weight limits for cats
  • Cats must be 15 or younger

About Donations

Each pet’s campaign is open to collect donations for a maximum of 60 days. If the goal amount is raised sooner, the campaign closes. 

Each donator to a pet’s campaign, at the time of their donation, receives from the fund a thank you note and information for their accountant. At the end of the campaign, we email all who donated for that pet (email addresses hidden), to thank them again and to say that the campaign is closed. We share with the pet’s owner the names of the donors (unless they donated anonymously), not the amounts.

Any donations made for a pet that cannot be used for that pet’s treatments return to the General Fund to help us provide assistance for another pet’s cancer treatment.

Those who donate may be added to our subscriber list. If a donor “unsubscribes” on any email we send them, they will be permanently removed from the list.

About Payments

  • Donations that come in for a pet’s treatment are on reserve for that pet’s cancer treatment. 
  • Chemotherapy: Funds raised are distributed among remaining treatments. As donations come in, the amount per treatment increases. If a 2nd (rescue) protocol is needed, the owner pays a larger portion of the fee.
  • Surgery: The amount raised is used to pay for the surgery, on the day of surgery.
  • Funds that cannot be used for a pet go to General Fund to help other pets. MBF funds are not used for past due balances, diagnostics, treatment for issues other than cancer, palliative care or euthanasia.

About CareCredit

If CareCredit (or any resource) is helping, do not charge through more than the treatment amount, at the time of each treatment. Don’t charge extra for the clinic to hold as a credit on your account. We cannot make a payment if there is a credit balance on your account… and your veterinary clinic is not a bank!

Before you apply, have these documents on your computer, ready to upload:

Magic Bullet Fund has closed